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Our goal is to bring real world experiences into the virtual world.  We want people to have the chance to experience sites and activities that they may not have the opportunity to see or do in real life.  Our current software includes "Deep Water Solo", an intense VR rock climbing game, and Panomodeller, a tool for creating 3D models of real world places from 360 images.



Virtual Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is a whole body activity that requires coordination, balance, timing, and solving complex sequences. Deep Water Solo is a unique VR climbing game that puts these skills to the test over deep water.  Unlike other VR climbing games that just require moving your arms around, Deep Water Solo is a whole body experience where you must move your body up and down and all around while carefully coordinating your hand and head movements. 
A demo of Deep Water Solo is available on for the Oculus Quest via Side Quest at  https://sidequestvr.com/#/app/278


"It's challenging in all the right ways." 

"Never thought a VR game would feel anything at all like rock climbing... And yet this somehow does!"
"Great mechanics and very challenging. I didn't think the game would be very engaging as it's not one that normally appeals to me, but I was so wrong! It 's very addictive!"

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Make 3D Virtual Environments From 360 Images

Have you every looked at a photo of some place and wished you could see just a little bit more? Maybe look around a corner, or walk through a door and see what is in the next room? With Walkabout Worlds Panomodeller you can. The Panomodeller software suite makes it fast and easy for you to create 3D models and 360 panorama virtual walkthroughs of real world places. You can then walk through these places on your desktop, mobile, or virtual reality device.

You no longer need to be limited to a few static pictures to capture the experience of being someplace.  See examples here: https://sketchfab.com/walkaboutworlds/collections/vr-walkthroughs 


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